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Name:Louise Ella Ainsworth
Birthdate:Apr 9
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Louise Ella Ainsworth is the middle child of lesbian moms, Maya and Jenny Ainsworth, and she has one older brother and one younger brother. Maya and Jenny had all three kids with their gay friend, who was happy to be the sperm donor for them. In turn, they agreed one of them would be his surrogate if he ever wanted a child, and as such, Louise and her brothers also have another biological brother who lives in Vancouver, Canada. Maya, a celebrity photographer, and Jenny, a mechanic, have been together for years, but only legally married when gay marriage laws were passed in the USA recently.

Louise wouldn't classify herself as shy, but she was always a bit of a wallflower. She had confidence with her closest friends or people she knew, and was bright and bubbly most of the time. But with strangers, she had the wallflower thing happening a lot of the time. She has been in and out of some shitty relationships until she gave up the whole dating scene to focus on work and study. She's seen happy relationships hit like a bolt of the blue and be beautiful, and she hopes one day her own bolt will hit her from somewhere.

Louise always harboured a secret love for singing and dancing, but never thought she was good enough to make it professionally. She suffered terrible stage fright the two times she got roles in the school plays and because of this, convinced herself it was just a flighty dream. Instead, right out of high school, she qualified to become a Nurse's Aid so that she could work whilst attending Nursing School at college to become a Registered Nurse. It was when she got her first job at Mount Sinai Hospital that she met fellow newbie Nurses' Aid, Jude Willis. They became close friends, and even though Jude is bi, he mostly batting for the male team at that point, and she easily fell into the role of fag hag to him.

Their job wasn't easy. In fact, some days it was really hard and they leant on each other, often partnered on their shifts. It was one day during a particularly tough shift that Jude wheedled out of Louise that she once upon a time had a dream to be a singer or a dancer, and confessed to taking dance class as a hobby on her days off. The subject came up when Jude's little brother, Billy, scored the supporting role in Footloose: The Musical on Broadway under breakout teen destined for stardom, Justin Campbell. Despite trying to nudge her in the direction to just give it a go some day because Billy had been in the same boat as her, she just laughed it off... like she laughed through many of their conversations. It was Louise who sat Jude down one day when his relationship with Billy's female counterpart in the production, Reecy Chester, was on the rocks and told him to take his dick in hand and not loose a lady who was perfect for him.

Jude didn't quite let the subject drop, however. Almost a year down the track from that conversation, Jude announced to her one day that Footloose Producer, Caden Drake, was closing one of his shows to prepare in opening Dirty Dancing: The Musical on Broadway in coming months. He knew this because Justin's understudy, Kyan Wilson, a sweetheart of a guy, had been offered the role of Johnny Castle. Auditions for Baby were going to be held, and if ever there was a time for Jude to turn into a pushy bitch, it was then. He didn't let up about Louise trying out for the role and she only managed to hold him off so long before she was giving in just to shut him up. He earned a smack (not enough to cause damage) in the back of the head for the triumphant grin he had given her after that.

So, she auditioned. It was a hell of an experience, even if she thought it was a waste of time. Kyan was a total sweetheart and they had some pretty awesome chemistry dancing together. How could they not? He was practically having clothed sex with her, which is what Dirty Dancing was all about. Of course, he was very much taken by Footloose female lead star, Autumn MacDonald, and he was so shy an unassuming out of character. It was a cool experience. But she got the complete shock of her life when she was soon the first person to be offered the role of Baby. She almost didn't take it, but Jude pulled his pushy bitch routine on her again and told her over and over that she was nuts, and would regret it if she didn't take it.

And she did. It all started happening so quickly that her head was spinning. It was just singing and dancing. It was photoshoots, press, interviews, rehearsals, looooooong sessions with production Choreographer, Logan Hayes. The chemistry with Kyan thankfully was just isolated to the audition. They got along like a house on fire, even if in these early stages they were both Broadway lead virgins and nervous as all living hell. She was swept into the crazy Broadway well and began to make some great friends from Caden's other productions. Her nursing career was shelved and she figured if she was going to do this, she may was well go at it hard and fast and enjoy every minute.

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